Waste Not, Want Not.

Nice short post today as I need to get some sleep after a good but busy day.

So we had a great day at friend’s place the girls ran around like demons and had a great time. Brett cooked up a storm as always and I loved the Thai style salad he did to go with the food.

Brett did catch me out though. I noted as he was cooking and we were chatting in the kitchen that he was putting the scraps in a bag. Eventually I had to ask…

‘So are you going to compost those?’

‘Nope just throw them in the bin.’

‘Mind if I grab them?’ I replied

‘Wondered how long it would take you blink hippie’ was his response with a smile.

So we came home with a shopping bag stuffed full of fresh vegetable off cuts and bits and pieces. I felt good because it did not go into landfill and was not wasted and Brett got to laugh at me J

When I dumped it in the chicken run the ducks and chickens descended on it and a thought occurred to me.


I had just filled the chicken’s feeders with an organic feed I had bought on the way to our friend’s house. I had been a bit slack and run out this morning so had feed them some wheat and scraps and I expected they would dive into the new feed but they completely ignored it and got stuck into the vegies. So not only did save the earth just a tiny bit I probably saved a few bucks on food.

Sometimes you have to think out of the square and realise how you waste not, want not to both save the world and a few bucks. Don’t get me wrong I intend to use those few dollars and it might be to something quite extravagant like a small piece of truffle mushroom or some more plants or seeds. Whatever it might be. Basically by helping the world and reducing waste you can also help yourself and your bottom line at the same time.


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