Life and Death and Pets.

We have cats, not the best thing in Australia as they are like nuclear bomb on the local wildlife (and the neighbours chickens at times) but they have been a part of our life and my wife and kids love them.

However the down side is what happened today when we found one of the cats that had been hit by a car and is now gently buried under our cherry tree.

Etana was ex breeding cat that we got when the option was her being euthanized or coming to us. She has been a good cat if a bit wild and very beautiful and our two and half year old loved her as she would sleep on her bed.

So now I have to explain at some point when she misses her where Etana is.

Do I think that it is worth having animals when this happens. The answer is yes. Even though I am going to have to do the same talk as I did when my grandfather her great grandfather passed away last year and simply say she is heaven with Opa.

Children and adults need the grounding that nature brings and that includes looking after and understanding that we need to care for world animals live in and hopefully this leads to the an understanding that we the humans have a responsibility to look after all aspects of the earth not just those that affect we humans.

Having said that I do not look forward to this talk perhaps two and half is a little young for understanding the lose of a pet.


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