The pain and the pleasure.

Well the pain part is easy. I did a session of crossfit today and oh boy was it a doozy. For those don’t know crossfit is a high intensity short burst work out. A couple of these sessions a week will keep you sore and fit. It is a good exercise for those like me time poor but wanting to stay in shape.

The pleasure part is food and my problem is I love both my food and I love my kids. The food makes me put on weight but realising that I will be 60 the same year my daughter is 21 reminds me that I need to look after myself and keep the weight off. It is dilemma that we in the west are lucky enough to have.

When I climbed in Nepal it used to amaze the locals that the westerners would go for a run before breakfast to burn off calories. For the poor in that country the idea of burning of perfectly good food that could feed your kids was ludicrous. It also leads to a large amount of the issues we see in the world today both from a poverty and environmental point of view.

I do try. I eat vegetarian when I can but the call of the home cured bacon is sometimes TO STRONG…

So what to do. We I try to compromise a thing again me in the west are not really good at. I eat what I can locally eat the best I can and then yes I burn off the extra that is really just deliciousness rather than subsistence.

At the end of the day it is all you can do. Which reminds me that tonight’s dinner was tomato soup with fried croutons of A. sourdough bread in extra virgin olive oil (makes the best croutons ever) and some bacon… ok so I need to book another session of crossfit this week but man it was worth it.

Now I am going to limp off and have a bath so I can walk tomorrow.


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