Waste vs Waste Not

So I had a cleanup of the fridge and the fruit bowl today. In general we try to avoid letting food go to waste there is simply too many people who do not get enough food in the world for us to feel comfortable with doing that. Add to that the sheer volume of embodied water and energy in any one item of food and it is simply wasteful.

Unfortunately like most people in the west it does happen. We are lucky we have the chickens and the compost bins and this means that nothing is really wasted but we still end up with a container of food that will go out to them after the clean up.

I come from fairly poor folk but we were lucky we always had food as the 10 acres we had was enough to raise sheep, ducks, chickens and a dairy cow and more vegetables and fruit than you could ever want for. So this was a good upbringing but as my parents had little, little was wasted and I must admit this has come through to me.

So after the clean out I went through and worked out the meals for next week from what we have and I will be making some vegetable soup which is always a good way to use up those extra vegetable.

I also noticed that we had large number of lemons and limes that where getting a bit sketchy so I simply juiced them by hand and froze them in ice cube trays.

I use these often in cooking and they thaw in a few seconds in the microwave. It also allows me to keep them in preparation for when the price of both goes through the roof.

Even simple choices like this can improve your budget and your life. You could buy the juice in a little plastic bottle but it is so easy to just juice it then you know what is in it. It is cheaper for you if you have an excess of citrus and much better for the environment.

So while try to waste as little as you can and save as much as you can.


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