Making Time for Stuff.

We had dinner tonight with A.’s mothers group. These are a great group of people and have helped A. through the times of doubt we all have when kids first come along. They are a varied group of people but all very nice and have strong views about raising their children. I find such groups interesting in some ways they are an artificially derived form of what would have been available and normal 80 years ago with everyone helping everyone and women of different ages supporting each other and offering advice, much of it from past experience. Now sadly due to societies siloing of the nuclear families this has had to be recreated like so much else in community that has been lost. Growing up in the country 30 – 40 years ago I got a different view. Even at that time the view the city had of community was very different to the close sense of community we had. This was not perfect but better than it is now.

We have a lot to relearn.

…But on with my post.

One of the woman made an interesting comment ‘how are you guys coping with two kids now? There is not much time anymore is there to do other things’ and latter in the night ‘I imagine that you guys are not still making up puree’s for the kids like you used to. I am sponsoring the baby food makers these days…’  It did raise an eye brow for me particularly as I had a comment made recently form another source ‘How do I find time for all the stuff I do..’

Both comment concern me to a degree. I am not blowing my own trumpet but I don’t think we drive our selves that hard to get things done. Some of it easier for me because I really do believe in the things I do. These are things that mean the dollar I earn at work can help me get out of the system rather than putting one foot in front of the other on that ‘good ol treadmill’.

I have gone over the issue behind making my own baby food in a post before in my post on baby food and I still agree with this. Better for my son, better for the environment better for my wallet, which is way better of me. Sometimes you just need to do stuff that is important to you or simply better for you, even if it means less time in front of the idiot box or a few minutes less of sleep.

And that includes this blog which I will be a bit more diligent on from now on.

I hope you can all find time to do what you need or want to, even if that latest reality TV show has to go.

I will leave you with a couple of good quotes that relate to todays post.

  • ‘The problem with permaculture is it is the realm of the middle class. And the problem with the middle class is that if it gets to hard they just buy their way out.’ – Anonymous PDC Graduate
  • ‘If you get one more thing done each day you will get 365 more things done each year’ – Bill Gates

2 thoughts on “Making Time for Stuff.

  1. Missed this one the other day, but the “permaculture…is the realm of the middle class” quote really stuck a cord with me.

    Where we live in the Dandenongs, there’s been an increasing influx of people from Melbourne moving out here after having kids. Often these are couples in their late 30s, first time parents, where the mother stays home and the dad continues to work at his high earning city job. Mum dresses as a “hippy”, drives around in a new, large and expensive 4-wheel drive, purchases only organic cotton baby clothes, buys baby food marketed as organic and discusses with her friends over coffee how she wants to ensure her son is in touch with his feelings so won’t allow him to climb trees or do soccer, but will instead be spending quality time with him by taking him to music class and yoga – so she can spend time drinking her decaff soy skinny latte on the sidelines and use her new iPhone 4 without being disturbed.

    She’ll also debate with her friends whether their children would do best at Steiner, or be completely unschooled, which will of course prevent them from being “conditioned”.

    These same people choose to live in the Dandenongs, but don’t want to be too close to nature so ensure they have perfectly manicured lawns bordering their swimming pools, with high fences to keep out the wildlife and no trees because of the “mess”. They look on in horror if junior even looks like he might get his clothing or hands dirty.

    Many of these people want their property to be designed around permaculture principles, because it’s fashionable, and they have the money to pay for someone to design and implement it. Then they invite people round to take a look, before they pass over the handling to their new gardener.

    And I am not exaggerating – I actually have to interact with people like this on a daily basis.
    Argh 😦

    /end rant

    On a lighter note, we too made our own baby food until our littlies were on soilds. If it was fresh, organic and could be pureed, then it was on the menu 🙂

    • Yes there is a bit of that around here. but slightly different in that everyone prides them selves on being different. But if you are a little to different well that can be an issue my neighbour and I are a little to different so we get the odd remark and comment but we also get asked to help a lot 🙂 people can be odd creatures at time.

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