It has been a while…

It has indeed been a little while since I last posted. I have been tied up, mostly with my own mind I would say. I can blame work, projects, study, the rubbish personal politics around, even the death of a good friend but at the end of the day it has been me that has been the issue.

Over this weekend I have been at a stone carving course. Learning to cut stone basins and to carve the local basalt rocks. I have found that the act of working with such a medium has forced my mind to slow down. It is slow medium and takes lots of work get a result but once you have it… well it will be there most likely longer than me.  

While traveling up to the town I was doing the course in on the Saturday I had time to think about the current wave of fear surrounding global finances. And I noted that I have been dealing with it in the wrong way. I have been short with family and friends, unduly worried about the rubbish personality based politics that goes with any work place and just generally living in low level of fear and stress as I get a lot of other people are doing.

My thoughts slowly crystalized over the day as I worked on the stone and as I left a little earlier than the finish time to travel the hour and a half back to take my family to a three year old party in Melbourne I noted a small place near where the course was being run.

It was more a shed than a house but had good stream of smoke coming out of the chimney and warm glow coming out of the window. I don’t know if this was small holiday place or if someone lived there permanently but I had minor epiphany. All the fear of losing the house and my ‘life style’ all the concerns over job and the future seemed that little bit less important. The important thing was having a good life and most importantly having my family and friends around me. Living the life, rather than existing through it. In the end if it all turned pear shaped at work and I ended up in such a place but with my family and friends around me that would not be so bad now would it?

It should not have taken so long for me to rethink this. I have plenty of good friends including my friend Libby at who have made choices to go against the grain and to travel a different path for themselves and their family. Hell I used to pride myself on traveling the path less traveled.

Over time I have drifted in with the herd and in the last few weeks in particular I have become nervous and anxious like the rest of the poor spooked beasts.

So back to living a life and back to living up to what I say. Thanks for indulging me this short post and expect a few more on topic posts starting tomorrow.

Oh and I am pretty happy with the outcome of the carving weekend as shown below. Thanks to A. and my parents who looked after the kids over the weekend and indulged me in this.


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