An Urban Hippies best birthday present

So today I hit 42. On some levels I feel the age (and a bit more) on others I feel a lot younger.

So did I have a big party, grab lots of presents, head for my nearest mid life crisis (hell I have one of those most weeks 🙂 ). Nope I had the best day I could think of given the last few weeks of business and chaos in my life and the planning for the next week of craziness running around Japan . A quiet day.

I had a sleep in which as any parent of two children under 3 would know is a priceless gift. Then spent the day with A. and the kids.

Sabrina and I made purred pears for her brother (Sabrina told me which pears where best) then a nice big batch of pumpkin soup for the family while I am away.

Sabrina is really getting into the cooking and crèche have told us that she cooks for her ‘boyfriend’ in the home corner but has a habit of putting the baby in the oven …

She spent all morning sitting there talking to me about things as I cook. I am hoping this will lead her to learn the value of cooking as it has taught her how much fun gardening is. At the end of the day I can only guide.

On the issue of present s I have avoided them for the last few years. Probably after having been traumatized when A. made me get in a 6 meter skip in to clear out space for when Sabrina was born. I think there is enough crap in the world and at the end of the day I have so many things, I just don’t need anything and the best present is for me to have my family around me on day like this.

So we finished the day with a nice simple meal at a great family run Lebanese restaurant. Nothing fancy just good simple affordable food. And you know it is a family restaurant when your 3 year old has an accident on the seat at the table and the owners just go ‘ we all have kids’ as they just smile and bring out the plastic covers.

I hope that you all had as good a day as me. Remember life is to be lived.




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