A pile of junk to some

The weekend was busy as it seems to always be (I need to go back to work some weeks for a break) . On top of the usual Saturday of visiting the farmers market and the food swap we visited friends who had had a baby. A. has been making quilts (and doing a fine job) and she had one for a gift. For us this has become a thing we do more often, making items ourselves or giving people locally made produce. It is nice that we can do this and we value what we give and hope people value what we give. The idea of just giving cheap mass produced stuff for the sake of stuff will have to end and we have started this now in our own little way.

We also had some family drama’s that lead me to travel back to the town I come from in the evening. Family is important to me as I have said before and this visit was important to me and I was grateful I had the chance but did leave me with many things to thinks about.

I think better on the move and had the luxury of doing so and living up to a couple of permaculture principles of Catch and store energy, & Produce no waste. I had been offered some second hand pavers 6 inch by 6 inch by 1 inch. A good size and they had about 1400 they wanted to get rid of.

The location was about 20 minutes away so I grabbed a trailer and headed up there. In a day including 4 hours having a break spent at a 3 year old party I moved by had 350 square feet of these pavers by hand and stacked them. The time spent doing this manual work allowed me to work though my thoughts.  This process is important to people and it is something that we don’t do often enough. My thoughts on my family and where it has come from and the things they have seen where in my mind. I didn’t come up with all of the answers but I got a good chance to think about it.

So what am I going to do with 350 square feet of pavers? Paths spring to mind. I have a few to put in and pavers will good as I can fill the gaps with herb seed and sand and grow some herbs in low traffic areas. The shed is due to be moved this spring and these will now mean that the compacted gravel will be a little more  user friendly with this as floor. I am also going to put them down in the base of the hot house to act as heat sink. Garden beds for the curb. Heaps of uses.

As I unloaded the last load of the pavers at 7:30pm in the cold I did wander why I was doing this for (A. voiced this as well) At the end of the day waste not want not these will get used and to me it feels good to reuse items rather than buying new things and having them made again. Concrete is like plastic something you want to buy as little as possible and reuse as often as you can. An interesting fact is that concrete is the second most used item by humanity after water. So my little reuse if practiced by everyone could have a decent impact.

But enough for one night the old office based muscles are feeling the strain a bit and time for sleep.


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