Practical Change

So I have been a bit quiet of late on this blog. There are many reasons as I have discussed previously the most important one has been work and doing the urban hippy life rather than writing about it.

I have been time poor and have had to focus on priorities and while I have thought of many posts and have wanted to start them on many occasions the lack of time and energy due to other things has prevailed. I would rather cook the home made meal for the family from the garden even if that means no time to post about it.

Work is always in the way it is a grind but as I sat in traffic the other day thinking about a post bitching about putting on white shirt of the corporate slave etc etc. It occurred to me how lucky in so many ways I am. It would not be an inaccurate claim that 4 -5 billion people on this planet would most likely swap their lives of poverty and boredom in heartbeat for the one I live. So I need to get that monkey off my back it appears.

The title of this post is practice change. I read a lot and I am on a number of email groups based around change, transition, permaculture etc.

All have valid points of view but to me the essence of the change has to come from me as well. If I am not changing then how can I expect anyone else to change? The change needs to be at the root level. I was at a seminar with David Holmsgen one of the founders of permaculture and he described how we need people to come across to a change because it is better for them. It is a better life style, better for the world but primarily better for them.

So how to do this well in the last few weeks I have learnt to make salami and planted seeds traded eggs for services.

I have also shown how good organic home dry cured bacon tastes compared to the commercial stuff and inspired a few people to try making it (sorry Libby your curing salt will be n the post this weekend) I have also show a work colleague the value of gardening sometimes it is just about showing that items that you just can’t get normally can be sourced via a bit of work.

In this case it was kale. The lady is Irish and they apparently eat a ton of it in Ireland and love it but she could never seem to find it here in the supermarket. So I potted up one which is doing ok but not producing and this has inspired her now to look at vegetable garden. So if everyone blogging was able to make just one of these changes then things would pretty damn fast.

You can get some change by making people feel guilty, you can get more by being an example and you will get a hell of a lot more by the process of people seeing that what is in it for them has value. Self interest does hold value. Rightly or wrongly.

So this morning as I have a bit extra, I picked some kale for her and brought it to work just to reminder my colleague why she needs that garden.

Onward I will post when I can about what I can when I am not doing the change so if I am away for a little while sorry but it cannot be helped getting the practical stuff done.


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