Spring is here

Well spring is well and truly here. In the last week we have had some wild old weather her in Victoria to the point where I emptied out the new mini hot house of seeds in case it got knocked over.

But today well today was a spring day. Lovely warm and sunny. Mother Nature living it up. Trees are blossoming, bees are at the flowers, seeds I planted only last weekend are charging out of the growing mix already. The broad beans are 1.5 meters high and even the first of the self sown tomatoes is up and at it.

We have had a big weekend. We had considered going to a few houses today for sustainability day but we decided to work on our own place. Sometimes you need to seek inspiration sometimes you need to get stuff done.

We have started the spring clean of the house and are doing a permi/5s on the house. Over the last 3 years of having the kids we have allowed the place to get a bit out of hand as we get less and less space and this means that it has become less user friendly. This is now being addressed.

The primary focus for me apart from the house has been getting seeds in grow tray and garden beds, preparing beds and planting seedlings and tree’s. This is that short window where you can get the garden into shape for the growing season. So I am bit busy.

So far I have put a dozen types of plants in seed trays have another 6 – 7 to go and just ordered another 12 from green harvest so the back yard will be prolific. Not sure how many plants we have but I will do a stock take at some point of what we have in the garden.

The weekend was not all work yesterday and today we paused as the kids ran around in the back yard having a ball and have enjoyed some press pesto, as good a taste of spring as there can be.

I have tomorrow off from work and a bit to do a spare tank to setup and plumb in, logs to inoculate, blue stone to purchase and 2 meters of road base to be moved around for the base of retaining walls and other projects.

So off to bed I go and wish you all the best of the spring get out there and enjoy it.


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