Pots for Plants.

I have been busy planting seeds again today. Two weeks ago I put together the mini hot house and it  is already paying dividends. So far the seedlings are doing well with about 10 of the 16 varieties of seeds I planted up and running and few more looking I am expecting to see come out soon.

Today I planted tatsoi, mibuna, corn salad and other greens, egg plants, capsicum, herbs and about half of the dozen types of heritage tomato seeds I was given. Nasturtium and some other flowers. I also prepared a new bed for planting and started to sort out the area for the heugan bed I am going to build.

The little urban block is going to be a buzzing hopefully this year. I am going to try to fill each of the micro climates I have and see what works and what does not. What we like and what we don’t.

One of the big issues for me obviously is getting enough trays for seedling. I will be honest I use a mix of my own compost and commercial organic potting mix for this and it is working well. I have purchased some seedling trays but I try to use up what I have to pot up things so that I don’t have to add to the weight on the world of plastic and waste and also keep the cost down.

Today I used some old toilet rolls which I have cut in two ways to see which works better, some milk cartons and as many of the old seedling trays I can find around the place from previous years.

As I said it feels good to use what would be waste or even recycled for a new use. We recycle where we can but at the end of the day reusing is a better of the four ‘R’s’

So go and see what you can find to plant in and plant as many types of seeds as you can swap them with your neighbour just get planting.

Oh and yes my neighbours will get a fair chunk of seedlings I have indeed over done it but hey that is ok.


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