The Pumpkins Circle of Life.

Well it has been a few very busy weeks and yes we have fallen well and truly off the urban hippie wagon this week.

At the very least normally we manage to at least get lunches and meals made for the week and not rely on takeaway and buying lunch at the over inflated prices at work but we have drained the freezer and been too sick/too tired/too busy/too stuffed to get things sorted.

The problem with working as hard and being as busy as both A. and I are is you often fall into the pattern of it costing more to live than it should. I have often said that I would happily swap a 3 day week for 60% of my salary and the numbers I have done would show me as us being way ahead. When you outsource aspects of your life you effectively lose control of them and this is trap we all should avoid.

We have had several take away meals and don’t get me wrong the food has been good. Local pizza place and small family run Chinese/Vietnamese place called Bamboo Garden we occasionally get take out from.

Last night was my mother’s birthday and she was down visiting the Preston market with dad for fish. It was an excuse for us to be together with the kids and enjoy each other’s company and go to the bamboo garden and try the food in house.

The little family run restaurant turned out a feast for us, awesome spring rolls, the best dumpling we have had in a while (we get these as take away but they are so much better fresh) Peking duck, char siu pork and the piece de resistance, a whole barramundi poached in ginger and shallots. It is nice to feast for special occasions.

We came home and dad and I chatted about food and my garden went over a few things I want to do. He made a typical nonchalant remark that even at the worst part of the year he can get at least a dozen food plants to eat from his 3 acres. Pretty good and whole lot better than me and most others.

So today with the footy on (no interest sorry even as a Hawthorne supporter) and the weather dropping in and out of good and bad I decided to catch up on restocking the freezer. I saw a great recipe in the age online from Frank Camorra that I wanted to try. I had some really good local Wimmera Harvest lentils and the rest of the ingredients from our ceres box the one item missing was the pumpkin. I could have sworn I still had one I harvested in the autumn.

So I trawled through my shed (getting a bit full now we are storing what used to be two rooms of stuff in it) and lo and behold there was the last of my pumpkins from last season. The irony is that I was just planting the seeds from this breed of pumpkins yesterday.  They store well and eat fantastically even after 6 months of being stored in an old tin shed on a concrete floor. They grow well in my area. What is not to love? I will be planting more this year to tide us over the next winter.

The soup, with good old cheese toasties made an awesome simple evening meal and lots left for the freezer. But a warning do not leave out the dash of vinegar in the recipe it adds a level of balance to the flavours that  makes this go from a good dish to a great dish.

So with a couple of other dishes. The freezer is now stocked and hopefully next week we can get back on the wagon.


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