Days of Sunshine

This has been a good weekend spent with the family and doing small but import (well to me) things.

I have had a great time with A. and the kids we went to a community market, ate great food had friends over for dinner, some awsome urban salvaging and even had a short notice visit by my parents and grandmother.

With the weather being so good on the weekend and some serious manic drive we have got through a number of projects which I will cover off on posts this week.

The thing that struck me was these where days of sunshine for me. The kinds of days that I would love to see more of in my life. Time spent with kids and doing things in the back yard with A. and family. Simple food from the garden or locally produced and siesta’s.

Tomorrow I have to return to my job. And while I have previously posted that the job is not too bad and most people on this planet would swap their life for mine in a heartbeat (and I still believe this). I still do feel that the corporate life is not doing me any or most other people in it any good.

It perhaps reinforces in my mind those changes I need to make so the days of sunshine are the greater part of my days.

Have great week all and enjoy.


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