Much to do …


I have the day off from my day time job and a list of things to do.

Sheds to clean up, wicking beds to build, shelves to make.

And yet I suffer from the dilemma that we all often feel of the flatness. I could blame the weather it has been all over the place and is currently quite cold. I could blame having travelled and competed in a martial arts seminar for 4 days or the running around we did yesterday with my family to make up for the 4 days. But at the end of the day there is little point in blaming anything. I am making some sourdough cheese toasties and making another coffee, writing this and then I will start.


sourdough toastie

I remember reading an article in which they had a quote from one of the rural class who moved to the greater cities in England in the early part of the industrial age. He discussed that the standard of his life had improved in a material sense. Material things he could never have afforded before, greater food security and education for his children. But one of the negatives that he mentioned struck a chord with me. He discussed the grinding shifts day and night, how on the land he could sit back and relax for 4 days and then for the last 3 work long hours to get everything done. The natural rhythm of his life of all of our lives. But in his industrial job he started by the clock and finished by the clock day in day out. Good days bad days productive days less so it was all driven by the machines he worked with. He found it tiring and draining.

So today I will eat my toasty drink my coffee and get what I can get done while I remind myself I am a man not a machine.


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