A Year of Blogging as NOTANURBANHIPPIE

So a year ago today I started this blog. In that time I have put through 91 blog posts or roughly one every 4 days but that is not entirely accurate as I have had a lot on and have not blogged much in the last couple of months. I have noticed that a lot of the blogs I follow have been a bit quiet of late not just this one. I am not sure if it is cyclical being high summer here and winter in the northern hemisphere and people have other things to do in high summer and less in winter or if people have just got on with their own lives or something entirely differently. Either way I have missed the tales of many of these people’s journeys and look forward to them continuing their tales in the future and hearing what they have to say.

What I have noticed is that despite not blogging I am often thinking of a blog. Doing this blog has and does impact the way I look at the world and not in a bad way.

 I have not really changed my views of the world or of the fact that if I am not blogging about it, I am getting out there and living the dream. And my desire is to still live that sustainable dream I have and teach my children to enjoy life as they go.

I am still tracking along on the sustainable path and still interested in everything I can learn but like all parents with children I find the path gets a bit bogged down with life J The back yard is both a mess and yet more productive than a year ago so that cannot be a bad thing.

I have already booked a course in April on sustainable building with the folks at Milkwood Permaculture  , I am a part of a community garden, Andrea is working on here bees and the kids love to get out in the back yard and enjoy life. Sabrina even has a bee suite and joins her mother in bee keeping. Yes life is good.

ytd- 018

As I have said I do enjoy the blogging as such I will continue and it is with this in mind that I have decided to try to replicate the first month of blogging and put up a blog up each day for March.

Just to get myself moving along as much as anything else.

Look forward to any comments and hope you all enjoy.


5 thoughts on “A Year of Blogging as NOTANURBANHIPPIE

  1. So cute seeing Sabrina in her bee suit! 🙂

    Tell me about the retrofitting – I think I must have missed what you are having done, but I’m very interested in this as we plan the same. Our house is pretty well set up site wise and with the bedrooms etc in the right place to maximise morning light and avoid day exposure, but we’re still working on what can be done to improve energy retention and efficiency, whilst maximising solar.

    • I will be doing a post on the retro fit plan shortly. The bee suite is great. It is also a great safty measure as Sabrina knows she is not allowed too close to the hive with out her bee suite. And it seems to be working

      • Excellent, will look out for it 🙂

        And I think your and A’s approach to parenting is terrific. Too many parents are way to precious with their kids and it really affects their motor and cognitive skills to be molly-coddled so much. Your growing two wonderful little people who are full of curiosity and joy about the world around them – as they all should be!

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