The Box of Waste

Our kids are in childcare, it is a great place with the kids standing at our front door waiting to go there most Monday morning having had enough of their parents no doubt.

There is a lot of debate about the effects and or benefits of childcare and all I wills say is that apart from it costing us more than our mortgage to have them in there we have found it to be a very positive experience for both children.

On the way in and out of the crèche is the box below. It is the lost property box and to me it strikes me as an odd thing. Almost every month it full to over flowing that is over a cubic meter of children’s clothes. That is a lot of clothes for little people…Can’t be cheap can it? I will advise that to the best of my knowledge none of it is our children’s (I hope 🙂 )


It perhaps epitomizes what many people claim about the crowd going to childcare. Overall I will comment that they are generally good but busy people just trying to make their way in a world that gets more difficult, and much less secure than it perhaps has been in some ways.

Every day I see people charging here and there looking partly broken, working for what? I see them charge in drop of their kids and charge out almost taking each other out in the car park in their rush off to work.

I see the box as a symptom. It costs the people rushing around money, which means that they have to rush around a bit more to get that bit more to end up not having time to cook meals which wastes money which means they have to rush around some more, get a higher paying job further away to pay for it all and then a new car to travel there which means they have to rush around more to …

Well you get the picture…

a box of waste-2000

On another front most people I know want a better world for their kids. The waste of 12 cubic meters of clothes in a year for one center must have an environmental impact especially if this as I would guess is not uncommon.

I accept it is hard work to keep track of everything, to make meals and take the excess to work, to repair rather than simply buy a new item, to drive in a 25 year old car with no heater, aircon or even a radio, follow the farmers markets and shun the supermarkets, wash my plastic containers at work for the next meal but to me it is necessary. While I accept that the kids are doing well I don’t send them to crèche so that we can get further behind. We do it out of necessity and we work hard to make their future world a little better and our own future a little easier.

I do rush around too much and my greatest joy is the time spent with my children so the last thing I am going to do is loose that and be so busy and ill focused that I also loose the reason that they are at crèche. So while it seems a simple thing saving $50 a week in lost children’s clothes which adds up to $2500 in a year. Almost enough for an entry level solar system. Which saves more money on electricity, which allows you to get a productive garden growing which saves more money which allows you find a less well-paying job closer to home, ride a bike to work rather than a second car which allows you work less and spend more time with your family.

Well you get the picture…

After all much of the philosophies I have will hopefully lead me to that end.


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