This is where you need smell a vision internet

“This is where you need smell a vision internet” said my wife as I striped the leaves off the basil.

We picked a full shopping bag of basil along with the haul of veggies and other items from mum and dads place yesterday. It would have been better to process it last night but getting back and getting ready for the week ahead and only one car precluded that.

a bag of basil-2000

Again tonight in the heat it would have been easy to leave it untill it cooled down tomorrow as I have now done with the quinces I need to bottle and the plums to sauce, but the closer to the picking the better the pesto. And while it unseasonably hot, it is autumn and time to start to lay down food for the winter and pesto is such a great item you can really never have too much of it.

I also had the problem that I did not have enough almonds for such a big mix (I don’t really like pine nuts and make mine with almonds or hazelnuts) but I did have some really good salt and pepper cashews from the farmers market so waste not want not. We always have garlic and this was my father’s giant Russian garlic and we are lucky to have access to the good Italian parmesan.


the cheese-2000

The recipe is very much by hand lots of basil leaves, a good handful of nuts, 3 or so cloves of garlic, and good sized piece of parmesan grated. You will need salt and pepper but these cashews had enough on it I did not add any more.

Wiz it in the food processor adding olive oil as you go until it gets to the constancy you want.


This is also the recipe I use for making my foraged nettle pesto (which I think is even better than basil pesto) and parsley pesto.

Bottle in sterilized bottles and put a layer of olive oil on top or pack in plastic containers to freeze. I did both this evening.

pesto-a- 003-2000

I will probably get one more crop of my basil and have some beautiful purple basil I am very eager to try in making pesto to see how it goes. In winter it will be a little bottle of the smell a vision added to our meals and will hopefully last till the nettles are ready for their turn.


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