Are we all making it easier to do nothing at all?

So I have been quiet again… nothing new there … (or NO news there 🙂 )

And have been contemplating why?

I had a think on father’s day as sick number 2 child was sleeping in the sun next to me and came to the conclusion I have been my own worst enemy in a number of ways recently. I have been looking at what I have been doing and going well that is not blog worthy, that is not environmental ‘enough’ and worst of all comparing. I think that other person is doing everything so much better than me. Look they are living in a yurt made of their own hair and fuelling it with their own dried dung while living entirely of raw foraged food…


Perfection is a dangerous, dangerous thing. It can easily paralyse us and make us look at what we are doing and says I can’t compete with that and simply give up. It is something those of us interested in a better world need to consider. Often near enough is a damn side better than not at all!

I think looking back on it that has been an issue with me over the last 6 or so months. Recently however I have had a couple of the shining examples that have held themselves out as the saviours of various parts of the world and I have been comparing myself to start to look not so perfect after all.

They don’t look bad, not even poor, quite good actually but not perfect.

It has made me consider that we all do what we can and judging yourself to harshly is counterproductive. I lost sight of why I am doing what “I” do and lost my own direction. So I am going to get back on the horse and live by the old motto below.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, when you can!

Now amusingly as we speak of full circles. Sunday was father’s day and strangely enough I had a ground hog moment when I realised that last father’s day I worked on my mini seed raising hot house and again I did the same thing this year. 

The unit last year worked ok but had a few serious faults and lead to some losses so I wanted to do something a bit different and easier to use this year.

version one point O

So it has had an upgrade with recycled windows replacing the builders plastic and it now has much better access as the two windows at the front are hinged which will mean I can see everything and easily access the seedlings to manage them and check on them (which is a major cause of failure last year).

mhfos- 003-2000

I have moved it so it is not in the way but close enough and easy to get to keep an eye on it.(we live in this house it can’t just be my green playground)

I was lucky and have been harvesting the hard wast for a while and it made of repurposed material,  an old shelf I found, some old shower screens for the ends, and windows I picked up as hard rubbish, even the boards are from a pallet I found. Only some of the screws are new.

In the end I like making stuff up from what others in our society perceive as no longer useful the environmental aspect is important but anyone using a cheap commercial mini hot house from Aldi or Bunning’s is still doing more for the environment than those who poo poo the purchases of such items on environmental grounds and do nothing.

Again do what you can with what you have! If I worked out all the environmental background noise of my cordless drill I used to build my mini hot house if I had only bought one for occasional use then the cheap plastic seed raising hot houses looks very good in comparison (no Congo gorilla parts for a start in the battery components or slave child labour to mine those materials)

To me not wasting that is the primary driver. Not spending $60 or $100 is a good thing as it allows me to utilise that money in a far more environmentally effective ways in the rest of my life style.

But as I don’t get to make stuff in my challenging white collar job it is kind of cool to make it myself which is as good a reason as any.

As you can see I still need to seal a few gaps and add some latches but it is a working unit now and will be for a number of years if I look after it.

Even without those steps I can now start to plant up some seeds and get into the doing what I can part for the coming spring.

A quick question. When was the last time you read about a complete failure on a blog by the blog poster? Something I need to rectify myself on this site from now on. I screw up recipes and other projects all the time and learn from them.

Expect to see some failures documented in the future. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Are we all making it easier to do nothing at all?

  1. Gosh, you sound like me!! I am plagued by self doubt…with everything!! I screw up heaps and most of what I do plodding away endlessly is not blog worthy and I do not always post our mistakes (of which there are MANY) – and you and I wouldn’t be alone there 🙂
    Yours was one of the first blogs I found on here I could relate to and when I like a blog I don’t expect perfection from it but humaness, the good and the bad….I like to read about others doing their own wee things in trying to build a better life for themselves and their families and this is no easy task. We are doing things the hard way, not the easy.
    When I started my blog I knew nothing about blogging, I didn’t even know I would get followers. Straight away it became a thing of pressure for me, having to answer to others, to feel I fitted – isn’t this just how we are in society, we need to feel we fit?! Our lives become open to strangers to comment on and it’s hard to keep up sometimes. I went through a period of not wanting to do it at all, but went back to why I had wanted to start it, just to share the ups and downs with anyone who might read it and who is trying to do similar, we can learn from each other, we can just talk about common interest….I don’t know anyone in my world who is doing what we are, there is no one to just chat with about it.
    It’s a funny sort of life, we hope to simplify but in fact being simple is doing it like everyone else, we actually complicate our lives and it takes a while to sort what WE want from it, how we want to do things – and what we are capable of. And we need to be honest with ourselves which sometimes means we need to admit we don’t get it all right. Doing all this and blogging about it is a bit weird lol, but I like that saying “Blessed are the weird, the dreamers and the doers….”
    Good luck. I did wonder where you had got to 🙂

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