Buy Nothing New October 2013

So buy nothing new October has come around again. Last year we did this and enjoyed the process it made us look at our buying habits and how we can reduce our load on the world and save some money at the same time.

Even now it has made me look at things. A store I shop at had some interesting stuff and I had thought hey I could use a couple of things, then thought no I can’t it is buy nothing new October oh well next month.

Then I read this article

And it reminded me that with tools(one of the things I was looking at) it is quantity not quality and I have learnt this the hard way a few times. I have quality saws and chisels I was given 20 years ago by my grandfather they are still some of the best tools I have. It is a concern that even people like me who think about this stuff can be drawn into the marketing ploy so easily and it takes something like buy nothing new to get perspective. So far from being a silly stand on soap box and look at me it can make people think. At the end of the day sadly my dollar seems of more value than my vote these days.

As with last year A. and I have looked at exclusions and have come up with two. One is anything I grab at the Elmore field day I am taking my daughter to tomorrow. And the other is a couple of things I will need for a wicking bed skill-share/working bee with the local permaculture group.

On both occasions I am going to be careful and remember to look at anything with a close eye on its environmental effect and long term ness. For the wicking bed I am going to trawl for second hand stuff if I can’t find it I can retreat and grab it new if I have to get it last minute for the get together.

And I had my eye on one of those dynamo torches at that store in question then I remember the last one I bought failed after on 12 months. Probably best to wait in hindsight and buy something of better quality.

Oh and that wheel barrow I fixed last year in buy nothing new in October 2012. Still going strong.

Copy of IMG_1593


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