Nature Provides

We are well into an odd spring this year. Bush fires rage in the state to our north while we are hammered with hail. The temperature fluctuates from 12 degrees Celsius to 27 then back to 20 with heavy rain then 25 again with full sun. All in 4 days.

It places great strain on the body and you see the zombie sheepeople on the trains all looking as though they are being even more broken by this than even their normal daily grind.

Historically spring has led to colds and influenza the variability of the weather (although not this extreme) has meant that people’s bodies cannot quite get the rhythm to build up their immunity. It is not helped by the modern diet.

In the past spring was a time of lots of greens, few starches, any meat was lean after the winter. Our diet essentially detoxified itself through availability.

Now we just keep pouring in carbs and fat as with the winter or summer or autumn (another post on this one day)

After avoiding flu throughout the winter I have been hit with a cold in this spring, just a mild one and I have cooked up a batch of elderberry syrup as I used in winter.

Luckily on top of my stock of elderberry it is elderflower season and these make a great tea that has the antiviral properties of the berries and makes a very nice tea with a teaspoon of honey that also helps to get up your hydration levels another good way to get the bugs out of your system.


To a greater degree we have lost our connection to the fact that for centuries such natural events such as elderflowers blooming or elderberry ripening coincided with times we need them. Our bodies are biological and linked to the natural world and the natural rhythms. The knowledge is also lost people barely know what the tree that I grab the flowers is for or how to use it until pointed out.

I am not perfect, my background is western european so elder is something in my tradition. I am sure there is an equivalent of this in indigenous Australian lore that could be found but there is simply no excuse for not learning about such things as this digitally connected age.

tea cup

Elderflower Tea

  • 1 Large or 2 small elderflowers
  • A teaspoon of honey

Put everything in a cup, cover with boiled water and let it steep for 5 or so minutes.


(Elderflower also dries very well and you should dry some for teas as the flowering time is short in Australia)


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