I said a while ago I would post those things i do get wrong.

A couple of beauties. Yesterday we got our first harvest of honey and being in a rush I though a my old pants with socks tucked in will be fine. Nope should have made sure I had the ones with the drawstring in them … 5 stings to my shins later…

Then decided to call a friend with a question when I got out of the suite must have been some wax and honey on my iPhone cause some bees decided to target my head or more accurately my nose … Yep stung on the inside of the nose. Que. the elephant man till the antihistamines kicked in.

This morning while pruning my 2 year old peach cut a branch with 1/2 a dozen peaches on it. About a third of the crop.

Think I will make haste slowly for the rest of the day.

Have a great Sunday all 🙂


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