A Billion Acts of Green

So yesterday and today are Earthday.

This statement should remind us that there is no us and them. The fact that it is still the 22nd for my USA readers while that was yesterday for me shows we are one big globe. A closed system in which the actions of all affect all.

I think the most serious problem we as a globe have are the beliefs ‘that my little bit can’t really help’ and that ‘someone else will take care of it’.

Well that someone is you and that single act multiplied by a billion people has lead the earthday.org to now register over a billion acts of green. An astounding number but remember that for every act of green there is probably an act of non-green (is that a word).

So the Earthday folks are now aiming for 2 billion acts so you too can now register to help out.

There a lot of simple acts you can make.

  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room
  • Turn down the thermostat and put on a jumper
  • Buy local food from local farmers
  • Cook your own meals from scratch
  • Refuse a plastic bag.
  • Take public or ride your bike.

None of these acts by themselves will save the world but the combined total of everyone doing one or two will have a major impact on the earth.

In the end we will all stand together or sink together.

To me the aim is to reduce my waste further in the household. So I would leave you with this thought in a closed system such as our planet there is no putting out the garbage and sending it to another place. There is no ‘other’ place just this one we all live and on and depend on.


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