The Perfect Imperfect Fathers Day.

As most of you know I am wary of the tales that we tell as bloggers of all good and the shining light of our lives. It has been described as the ‘highlights’ version of life on facebook. People comparing their lives with all of its ups and down with the highlights people post on facebook. All ups and no downs all sun and roses.

It is not always so as we know.

For me I had a great father’s day. My wife took number three of to her sewing day and I was left with the other two. I cooked a magnificent roast of lamb while she was away (she cannot stand the smell of cooking lamb) baked bread, made two type of soup and had our neighbour over for dinner even got the new wicking bed in place and level.

bread wicking bed soup base

This is the sunny all light version.

I could mention that my five year old daughter made the most perfect and beautiful remark that it was lovely outside and ‘we should eat outside’. BUT then I would need to tell you that we ate inside because I caught them climbing over the safety glass and had to rescue them. Twice …


I could tell you how they played like angels in the back yard… for a while until they found sticks and proceeded to pound on anything that didn’t move including my plants.

angels anddevils

I could tell you of the feeling of pride as my son and daughter taking the weeding I had done to feed the chickens and ducks but then having to stop my son from pulling out all of my garlic.

And at the end of it all I would have to tell you that on father’s day I spent more time yelling ‘ don’t do that’, ‘put it down’, ‘what are you doing’ and ‘go to your room’ than I heard I love you dad (although I did hear that from all of them a number of times 🙂 )

I am blessed in the urban hippie household and I don’t ever, ever forget it, but don’t have any illusions we have the same issues as everyone else.

I am behind in my diploma, more work than I can handle at the office (I come like a zombie) and the hybrid life style I lead means I haven’t even got all the seeds I need for the upcoming season planted.

Our lives are what they are ups and downs. Without the downs there is no contrast for the ups.

In the end all we have is time so just remember that and try to look at anyone selling ‘it is sunshine and roses all the time’ message from a blog or an article with a smallish grain of salt.

Speaking of salt see below for some gratuitous shots of the alchemy a leg of lamb, salt, pepper and herbs along with slow cooking will perform.



Bring roast to room temperature, slice some holes and insert 3 or so cloves of garlic (you don’t need to peel them. Also make some holes and push in 2 -3 rosemary springs as far as you can. Rub the roast in olive oil then give it a liberal coating of good salt flakes (I use Maldon) and a good grind of black pepper. Roast in preheated oven at 240 degrees Celsius of 20 minutes then drop to 150 degrees Celsius and cook for 3 hours.

Let it rest for 10-15 minutes before serving.




3 thoughts on “The Perfect Imperfect Fathers Day.

  1. I just had to laugh; when I read those ‘all sun and roses’ posts, I know darn well there’s more to the story (having raised my own two boys). But sometimes sharing the downs just seems to emphasize them, so I go back and forth on that . . .

    Lovely leg of lamb (and the bread, too). You do it just as I do, except I like to cut slits all over the fatty bit as well and stick in garlic and rosemary everywhere . . . I peel my garlic, though; saves time when it comes to eating . . . I could just smell it cooking, all the way from fairly north in Alberta, Canada (Edmonton). yum, yum, yum! Lamb is very expensive here and everyone’s into beef for some reason 🙂 I haven’t cooked a leg like that since I lived in B.C. over 15 years ago now. Thanks for sharing. It was delightful . . . ~ Linne

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me. 🙂
    As you say, the bad balances the good. If we didn’t have bad (and sometimes awful) things happening then we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the good days when we have them. The icy cold sleet of winter and the 45 scorching degrees of summer are balanced by the crips but sunny autumn days and the warm days and cool nights of spring (much like last week).
    Eek re the garlic. My littlest likes to pull the leaves off my broad beans and play in the just planted garden beds. Or better yet, the freshly manured beds! Least they’re outside hey. 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed fathers day and if that roast tastes half as good as it looks then it would have been a very tasty one too! 🙂

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