Back to Work…

Yes back to working for the man after a few weeks off.


While my job is good and I enjoy the work. It is still working for the man. It will take effort ensure that I don’t fall into the 40 hour week trap. I have been making all our meals from scratch and working around the house despite a few incidents (car crash – minor) it has been a very effective and productive time despite the daily nana naps or perhaps because of them. It is these simple cheap things that tend to go first when you are busy at work and earning the dollar. It is hard sometime to prioritise these things.

So last year ‘the year that said meh’ to us has shown that we need to work on a few things from a sustainable point of view, try though we will.


Time to try to get the debt back down and sustainability back up.

A couple of interesting articles below.

Time to go. Things to do 🙂

Your Life Has Already been Designed for you –

The Year Ahead –


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