Its An Odd Thing.

Never really got the whole cut a tree down and kill it, then haul it into the house as the symbol of life into your house thing…

Yes Christmas tree’s. It is the 5th of January traditional day for the m to be pulled down.


Lots go up and lots end up in green bins or on the side of roads for the council to pickup. It is another sign of consumerism.

My wife and kids love having one of them and we have a decent collection of baubles we have been given or inherited to put on it so as I tend to make their life hard with my other hippie ideals this one tends to get through to the keeper.

But as with all things waste is not really waste at the end but a potential resource 🙂

So what do we do with our Christmas tree after the 5th.

Well we have quite a few uses for the pine tree’s so much so that when I get my land up country I will be planting some pine trees as a resource (as far from the house as I can as they are not good in regards to fires and flammability in a bushfire prone country).

So our tree will be dried off after being cut up. Wood will go to fire once super dry as a starter.

IMG_9758-2000 IMG_9759-2000 IMG_9757-2000 IMG_9760-2000

The needles will be used on our bee smoker, as acidic mulch for blue berries and strawberries and as a pH balance for when I use a bit much mushroom compost on the garden.

IMG_9764-2000 IMG_9763-2000 IMG_9761-2000

In fact I may go and grab a neighbours or twos tree on green waste day. Maybe you should to?


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