A Busy Day.

 Some days I like to just chill and go with the flow but not today. Today was a bit busy.

ALDI had unusual berries on sale today so I went in and grabbed one of each being a youngberry, loganberry, silvanberry, boysenberry and even another raspberry to go with the two type I already have (autumn fruiting is my justification. NOT that I need any …realy I don’t .. really…)

We then headed off to the Bundoora farmers market where we got a few things like some sourdough from the lady Andrea learnt to make sourdough, some of the awesome smoked goods, a chilli plant aptly labelled the Trinidad scorpion (should be interesting) some local organic meats and veg and even some belly pork and bacon rub to have a go at making my own bacon this week.

Headed home grabbed some herbs, pumpkin and veg then headed over to a place called Peppertree Place in Coburg a couple of minutes from home. Great little place and they have monthly produce swap which we swapped our stuff for a few bits and pieces such as some rocket and lemon myrtle. In reality we really just wanted to go and have a look.

The place is awesome, lots of kids running around our daughter made some new friends while I carted her brother around in the backpack asleep. We had coffee and cake by donation and got some fantastic idea’s for the kitchen garden Andrea is working on and our garden in general. Anyone living around Coburg I cannot recommend highly enough going along for the swap meet and visit on the first Saturday of each month and just have a look around. It is a lovely place.

Of course me being me I had to buy something at the nursery and got an oddity being a multi headed sunflower that you can eat the roots from … have to see how that goes.

In the afternoon planted out some tree’s I had in pots, the berries I bought, some brassicaceae etc. I also cheated and put some of the lemon myrtle I swapped in a striking mix so with any luck I can grow my own.

We invited our neighbour Mark over for a meal as we often do. The main was pasta tossed with rocket (traded at peppers) bacon and baby spinach (from the Farmers Market) some tomatoes from our garden, olive oil from the dodgy Italian guy at work (his cousin presses it …) washed down with a couple of beers.

Dessert was some blood plums picked at my parents place oven roasted with a touch of sugar and some locally produced natural yogurt mixed with local honey and vanilla.

So all in all it was good day, I spent it localy with my family and the local community. I got to speak to some great people and cook a locavore meal. Don’t get me wrong we have travelled a lot and love our far off places but today was the balance of that. Tomorrow I will probably do nothing but potter in the garden but today I fee suitably content having solved the world’s problems <twitches><twitches again>


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