And so the weekend ends.

So the weekend had ended. after the busy day that was yesterday today felt flat. With kids in crèche it is not unusual for us to get a bug a fortnight through the house so us all being off colour today only exacerbated it.

In the end though we still had a pretty nice day surrounded by the kids just chilling out even had a nanna nap (siesta) in the afternoon and felt better. Had a couple of beers with the neighbour next door where we solved the world’s problems as we often do over a beer. Dinner of my wife’s brilliant fresh warm sourdough and chicken and salad so I should feel good about life and I do… but…

I am lucky I have decent well paid job with a reasonably flexible times if a bit to much work at times but at the end of the weekend I just get this feeling that I have so much more I could/would/should do. Yes we get the house ready for the week, iron clothes wash the dishes and generally get ready for the work week ahead but I mean what about all the projects I could/would/should do rather than go to work tomorrow.

There is the foundations for the shed move so my wife can do her kitchen garden the setup of the hot house so I can get the aquaponics system working, more garden beds to build, chicken run to update, duck ponics pond to build, trees to be pruned and so many more … All things that could reduce my load on the world on my budget. On me. They could make me feel more free and yet off to work I go as a slave to the system just like most people. What to do that is the question. At the end of the day all you can do is slog on and do the best you can.

And as my wife says look at the sunflowers they are happy flowers.


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