The Devil came to dinner

The devil came to Georgia… Well actually he came to dinner. His horns are golden and a little upside down.

Yes we had Maccas for dinner! The shock the horror… the tasty burgers and fries.

In my defence A. was off to her fortnight quilting group and I was running late at work and picked up the kids a bit late. With A. just back at work and us not being as organised as we could be I knew that the two and half year old would at least eat the quick and easy option so I could get her to bed on time.

The point of my post is to show that we are all human and do things that others may perceive as not the best practice or even ethical. Hell more importantly ‘we’ may perceive them as not the being ethical. I am aware of the evils that the corporation with the clown has done to the earth and its people. Ranging from the stupidity of 100% Australain beef to the way famers near where I grew up are driven to break the earth they live on to make a buck.  So I am far from an uneducated consumer. I am not sure if this makes me better or worse but really it just makes me cringe at myself more often.

The debate about fast food is much like the debate about most things in our society very black and white, junk food is bad organic handmade food is good . The truth as with most things sits in between.

Is a little junk food bad as part of balanced diet? No.

Is feeding the family five types of fast food for the week bad? Well yes

We all try to  do what we can. I believe that I am pretty green yet I eat fast food, shop at Coles and Woollies, sometimes drink coke  and don’t always do the right thing. We also grow our own food, shop for organic where we can, shop at farmers markets and buy local. In short we do what we can when we can. We have the luxury to purchase green power but the people unable to buy it, but reducing their power bill do as much or more as part of the green culture as we do.

Less food miles is good, even if it takes up to eight times the amount of green house gases to produce it?

Permaculture is the great saviour, monoculture the great ruiner? Really some crops in some areas have worked well as mono crops for 5000 years?  Some of ‘the permaculture’ gardens I have seen require more input than they get out…  

Vaccines are bad. But is watching your child die of whooping cough good?

Nothing is black and white. The best thing you can do is to not judge. Do what you can, be as informed as you can, purchase what you can afford to purchase, decrease where you can and if like me you fall off the wagon and buy some fast food cook up some vegan food to put in the freezer for those quick meals rather than the inviting the devil in. If nothing else it may salve your conscience.


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