Coming tuesday I feel better

So today’s post is on keeping those most important to you on your permaculture journey happy. Yes I mean the wife oh and the honey bees as well.

When I started out looking at permaculture garden for our house I was just a tad … gung ho in regards to if you can’t eat it we won’t have it! Now this won me few friends on the home front and even fewer with the bees but hey I can be a man kind of man (or at least pretend to be) and it was my way or the highway… dam it!!

Now that I have been looking a bit more at the process and have calmed down a bit I am just a little bit more understanding of a few things. One of which is the need for flowers to be in my garden. It is critical with the bees and beneficial insects and keeps the garden healthy and my wife is a lot more interested in this whole food forest thing if it is nice to look at. I must admit that after seeing the kitchen garden at Peppers place on the weekend and hearing the plans A. has for her kitchen the balance of food and flowers will make a nice escape just outside our back door. Somewhere to retreat from the city. Somewhere even I will like to sit and look at the flowers..

OH and I get to do a whole bunch more projects to hide the horror of my chook shed, garden and hot house from the kitchen garden and I do SO love my projects.


3 thoughts on “Coming tuesday I feel better

  1. I can sympathise with you on the sickness – our girls are 4 1/2 (“I’m almost a grown up”) and 2 1/2 (“I am NOT a baby”). I can guarantee that within 2 weeks of a kinder term starting the girls are sick and we’re not far behind. The average 3 year old has had 36 colds. Yep, one per month and they last…. oh, 4 weeks on average. So yes, young children are actually permanently sick or recovering!

    As for the permi life and going overboard. I did the same. Being from the UK I moved to the Dandenongs and was convinced everything in my garden needed to be indigenous – especially as I am on the committee of a local indigenous community nursery!

    I have now mellowed and will only plant things that have a purpose – which means most things 🙂 If I can eat it, or make something edible from it, if it’s good bee forage, insect attracting or a good companion plant it goes in. That way, I get all the benefits of having an edible, sustainable and beautiful garden.

    I have less than a quarter acre, with the house in the middleish, so there will be no stressing over zoning as everything is a few seconds from one door or another 🙂

    That said, I would be really interested to see how you’ve planned out your zones (as mentioned in your first chook post). Fancy sharing?

    • Yep the biohazards are still biohazards 🙂 Happy to share have been a bit slack on my postings of late due to work and what ever time I have had has been spent on the garden rather than posting which I am happy to live with. Will get up some maps of the blog and what I have done. It is a work in progress but pretty happy with it ould just use more time to play with the cool stuff at home 🙂 They have a nice produce swap at a place called peppertree place over here. Great for the kids and you can have a wander around the back yard at the same time and see what I am doing if you are over this way.

      Had a quick look at your blog and looking forward to having a proper read.

      • My blog leaves a lot to be desired at the moment. School, volunteering at the nursery and the kids has kept me busy this past year. There are way more posts still in draft than published and nothing near as thought provoking, or as likely to cause salivation, as yours!

        Peppertree Place sounds like a great idea. Would love to come and check out your handywork, so I may just see if there’s an food swap in January/February if that’s good for you guys. I’m pretty interested in seeing where you squeezed the bees in 🙂

        Of course, barring biohazard contamination on both sides that is!

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