Stocking up.

So we visit the Italian supermarket about once a month and today was that day.

 What a place, full of all the good cheap stuff. We head there to stock up on cheap tomato passata, pasta, big blocks of parmesan cheese, canned tomatoes, dried and tinned beans, anchovies, boxes of  Sicilian sweets, gnocchi, amazing small goods and even unusual European seeds and lots, lots more.

We tend to view ourselves frugal rather than cheap and the quality of these items makes them an even better buy. Even by the standards of the Italians, Greeks and other Southern Europeans we are frugal as we buy some of the amazing small goods but we also buy a big bag of the cheap off cuts which is the ends of the small goods dropped in a bowl. It is cheap probably bad for you but ooh so good. Our daughter loves them and I use them up to make pasta sauces for the week and eat with A.’s how made sourdough.

Buying here is a balance, we question the food miles and its effect but at the end of the day we get organic quality items from Europe cheaper than we can any Australian items. It is sad but we can only do what we can. This year we plan to bottle some of our own passata and tomatoes and grow more vegetables we do what we can and in the end we waste as little as possible and that is probably the best thing we can do.

Our larder is full again and this gives us a lot of freedom in the week. We basically buy what we can’t grow or get from other sources from the big supermarkets. Their strangle hold on the Australian economy is pretty awful for all involved and bodes poorly for us all in the long term but that is a topic for another blog.

Basic, cheap, quick homemade food is the go during the week. We eat a lot of pasta or rice with tomato passata or canned tomatoes and beans mixed with a little bacon or small goods and with lots of fresh herbs. It is good for us and tastes great.

In the end it is a little bit of the frugal life that shows it not only saves you money but is good for you and tasty as well.


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