Short post due to Pedro Ximenez

Ok so I have drunk way to much Pedro tonight with the neighbour after eating my wife’s excellent lasagnia so this will be a very short post for my 30 days of posts.

Built a nice garden bed see photo’s below.

Getting a bit stressed in regards to work and life and everything so having to break things down into parts I can manage. With my projects, Cert V, home stuff and most importantly family this is all I can do apart from drink more Pedro. Life gets like that it is odd how the more we do the more we have to do even in such a great society as we have.

At the end of the day sometimes we need to sit back and build something like the garden bed and have something physical to show for efforts. Even managed to get in a dry wall curve in true permaculture style. Breaks some of the stress.

I also had to note that in the fore ground is a water bottle. After years of travel I am still amazed that I can go to the outside tap and get water that is safe and pure. So few other places I travelled you can do this so at the end of the day my family and I are still in the lucky country.

Hope you all have a great day and thanks to the fine folks of Turkey Flats for finishing off our night positively as they often do.


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