Would you like some bacon with your bacon?

So I cut the bacon tonight. It smelled very good for unsmoked bacon, texture was good and it had that nice pink colour that you get with good bacon. The thing I really noticed cutting it was that the firmness of the meat. It is not tough quite the contrary it cuts very easily and smoothly but had a nice denseness to it.

This could have been create by the fact that it was made from pork form a heritage Berkshire pig and the times we have roasted this type of meat it has had a different texture and flavour to it.

The bacon had a nice saltiness without being to salty and the mix of herbs had a nice flavour to.

It fried up a treat nice and did not shrink away like commercial bacon. Nice and crispy but I had to be careful as it seems to have lower burn point than commercial bacon.

Basically this is the bacon that my grandparents would have eaten a hundred years ago and it tastes as with so many items made by hand very different and I believe much better.

For a first attempt I am pretty happy to be honest. So happy in fact that I am going to have another go but next time I am going to get the smoker built first.


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