It is short post tonight I need to get some sleep before being tortured at cross fit at 6:00am tomorrow morning

But a short post on a big thing for me. IDEAS. I have lot of them and they drive my wife mad. At present I have dozens I would like done. From simple stuff like bottle planter to complex items like retaining walls and reclading the house.

While they drive poor A. mad they keep me alive and sane. Often it only the plans and thoughts of another plan that gets me through another day at the office. Generally I like my ideas to be of sustainable and preferably cheap kind. Using stuff already created stuff I can find, stuff other people think is rubbish. The fourth of the five R’s I try to follow. But that is a story for another post.

At the end of the day we should all be making stuff ourselves part of the problem is that we have outsourced ourselves and what we want to others. I am sure that for many sitting on the paved area under the shade cloth would be good enough. For me it will be sweeter when I have laid the bricks, sunk the posts and rigged the sale myself. And maybe just maybe I will sit on pallet seat and drink homemade beer and enjoy the view… while of course planning my next project.

20 Project in no particular order

  1. Bluestone retaining wall
  2. Shed move
  3. Paving at back
  4. Shade sail
  5. Hot house (built of plastic bottles and reused glass panes)
  6. Bottle planter
  7. Homemade wine bottle torches
  8. Pallet cellar for shed
  9. Garden beds
  10. Aquaponics system
  11. Self cleaning duck pond
  12. Self watering chicken feeder (tried a few and a few more to try)
  13. Pallet seat
  14. Home made mead and ginger beer
  15. Compost from harvesting the reserve across the road.
  16. Trees planted in holes int he side concrete
  17. Solar dehydrator
  18. Install of wood burning stove
  19. Reclading and Insulating house (get rid of asbestos)
  20. Retrofitting homemade double glaze windows.



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