Falling off the wagon.

So I was supposed to get up and go to crossfit today, asthma is under control, kids and A. sorted, time sorted , alarm clock on, everything else is sorted no excuses! Except I didn’t… Couldn’t get up, couldn’t get focused, couldn’t be bothered.

Some days are like that. In the past prior to our lives being run by the clock I would have just chilled out and tomorrow would have been better. But now I am working for the man (and the man is a clock).

I have written how some days I struggle with my job. I have a good job, relatively interesting pays well and has good flexibility.  A. and I are in the upper bracket of earners in a rich country, relatively small mortgage great family and friends. Good life together. We having nothing to complain about.

So what is wrong?  Am I just an ingrate? Maybe. Did I live to well prior to the family? Probably. What can I do about it? Bugger all. Except to live.

Basically A. and I try to live as cheaply as we can. I have earned a lot less before both in my travels and Australia and I am aware of the fickle nature of the economy. My belief system is that the only way to escape the system is to rely on it as little as you can. Don’t get me wrong I have absolutely no issue with paying my tax’s (I think they should go up actually). I like vaccines, I like antibiotics, I like having asthma medication I have no desire to return to a pre industrial age and watch my wife die in childbirth, children of diseases and be a truly old man at 41. So I am more realistic than most in regards to this. Certainly more than many who live online and yearn for that simple life, with internet and running toilets thrown in of course!

What I do believe is the every dollar you earn is a little bit of you and you need to think about how it is you are spending that part of your life.

 We live frugally rather than cheaply we would rather spend $40 on books as present rather than $20 on cheap plastic crap. We take lunch to work and try to avoid waste but buy organic veg and meat. Use one car and buy second hand or wisely and scrape together what we can.

So onto falling off that wagon. I also wasted money at the canteen (I am a sucker for fried chicken). Then a chocolate bar. For most this is not a biggie but I can be hard on myself with this stuff. I used to live by $1 saved a day eqauls $365 a year and I can do lot more with that amount than the dollar a day.

Then home and plans. But kids, life and a snooze fixed that up as well. No plants planted no more of the retaining wall dug out nada, nix, nothing…

So what to do when you fall off your particular wagon. Be it weight, alcohol, drugs, life or the universe.

Don’t get angry or upset just get back onto it as soon as you can is the answer. For me it is heading off to a home double glazing course and then getting some stuff done over the weekend. Next week I will get into the projects again and keep on the move with life.

But for now the little man in our life is not settling for sleep so time to help out A.

Get back on that wagon people!


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