A gardeners lunch.

So A. went to a family do this afternoon. She can be very kind to me realising I needed some time in the garden by myself rather than being surrounded by her lovely but crazy and full on Croatian family.

I had been a seminar all morning on D.I.Y. double glazing and had gotten home with the car just before A. and the kids headed off. I had not had time to get breakfast in the morning so once they were gone decided to get in a good lunch prior to the gardening I had planned.

Soft boiled some of the eggs from our chicken. Sliced some home cured bacon. Some feta. Organic pears quartered. The last of A.’s sourdough bread. All dumped in a frying  pan with a little olive oil.

It all fried up beautify. Added some nasturtium leaves to make me feel better having a healthy touch.

The combination of sweet caramelised pears and crispy salty bacon was amazing. A good cup of coffee on the side and I was set for the afternoon.

After it all I had a good afternoon of gardening but that is a tale for another day.


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