Making Stuff.

So we visited a friend for her birthday today. They are a Swiss couple living here in Melbourne and have very different view of the world. Life is about life not about the bs that so many people in this country or the west in general.

Eat drink and be merry and where possible make that eat and drink yourself.

So we had a great time the kids ran around and made new friends we drank, we ate their great little tapas with tuna and capers on them and they had made a corn relish with the small pastries with ham and cheese and feta and spinach, there were nibbles it was all very low key.

The woman whose birthday it was did not want anything for a presents but something small and handmade goes down a treat with these kind of people.

I had some blackberry whisky I had made. This is a relatively simple liqueur made with fresh blackberries straight out of my garden, castor sugar and cheap whisky mixed together. This batch needs another 9 months plus but will still be good at any time.

So why would a small item like this be better than a bought present under these circumstances. Well in certain cultures i have been in like Japan have already worked out that huge houses are not viable and then with a small house no space for fancy presents. But food especially handmade local food is a great item and much appreciated.

I believe that as peak oil and the sheer cost of items becomes more and more an issue, as travel becomes less and less affordable simple meals and good company will be the best time had by all.

And life’s little handmade items will again be of value. At present they are for a small minority but in time we will see.

At the moment we have all we could wish for and more… so … you can make the choice. Try it. Make something homemade and give to someone, you may be pleasantly surprised by the response.

The recipe below I originally got from an article in the UK Guardian by John Write. It is great. You can drink it and then use the blackberries as an amazing topping for good vanilla ice-cream for a very adult desert.

  • Take sterilised jars
  • Fill to the top with fresh blackberries being careful to remove any stalks or berries that are marked or not whole
  • Pour in castor sugar until jar is about 1/3 full.
  • Top with whisky till jar is full
  • Seal jar and shake every day for a week or two until sugar is dissolved.
  • Leave for 12 months or more and open and enjoy.

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