The Cheese Coop

We have been owned a bit by the corporate world for the last week. The company we work for is going though an audit and as such we have been working some serious hours but today I managed to get out a little early and go and pickup the cheese from cheese coop.

We only joined this coop a few days ago after we found out about it at neighbourhood gardening get together. A. ordered the haloumi and a caprino romano. The thing about this cheese is that it comes from fresh unpasteurised goat’s cheese from a very small flock. And boy does it taste like it.

We also picked up our ceres fruit and vegetable box so between that and the garden we had a really nice salad with fresh baby cos, shredded red cabbage, tomatoes and capsicum.

I fried up some homemade chips from locally grown dutch cream potatoes as our duaghter asked for them.

Then the crème de le crème the haloumi fried up with some sliced pear.

Due to some pre planning we have been eating ok this week. I cooked up a few things and froze them in preparation, we have improvised with salad and bacon so we have avoided the temptation of take away food that would be so easy with both of us tied up with work but we have not cooked a real meal.

But this was food. Food that tastes like real food and the cheese. Well awesome there should be more of it such small scale artisan type food like this. It is the future as it was the past and it is nice to see someone able to make their own living in such a way without having to be owned by the system.

Now onto another day of the corporate world owning my ….


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