A hippie well my wife seems to think so…

A short post as I am just trying to get the last o the 30kg of wild harvested chestnuts processed before they go bad.

I am a big fan or repairing stuff rather than throwing away something damaged and buying new. Good for the world good for my pocket. And let’s face it I am no oil painting so my old work clothes are for comfort rather than looks. I have to wear the corporate uniform each day to work so comfort out of that time is 100% of my requirments.

So when my favourite couple of pairs of Macpac paints had tears in them again A. groaned as she feels she has spent her life repairing these paints. In my defence these pants have history I have climbed in Tibet and Nepal and hiked thousands of kilometres in them.

Up until now she has used another old pair of climbing pants to repair. This has meant i have been able to keep my machismo, just being a rugged repair focused individual soul here nothing else to see. ..

But today she got me…

Retro the repairs are indeed! But what can I say they serve the same purpose and are still the most comfortable paints I can find.  No I wouldn’t wear them out for dinner at a restaurant but I think people get a bit over involved in having the right gear you get them turning up for something like a permablitz with the latest tools gear and clothes. If you want to buy the image that is fine but don’t kid yourself this is how you save the world.

At the end of the day the $200 for a couple of new pairs would be better spent on my mortgage or better still not having to be earned so I can spend more time with my family which is worth way more than a anything else in my life. It is also better not going into making something new and leaving my kids with that legacy. Because at the end of the day what you do good or bad even the small stuff ends being the legacy of those you hold most dear.

And hey I suppose it fits that urban hippie image. Tough girl that A. at times…


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