Sickness and Harvest Bounty

So A. and I and the rest of the family have been out of action today with some bug or another the kids have brought back from crèche, Add to that it is a public holiday and the weather was rather wet cold and unpleasant we could have been excused for just parking our tails and not getting much done. And for part of the day this was true.

But it is harvest time and we still needed to get some stuff done and keep the kids amused.

I managed to process around ½ kg of chestnuts into a very nice chestnut past as per a recipe I found on the net from a gentleman called Eddy Van Damme.  

I am going to try a sherry, chocolate chestnut cake in the next day or so if A. doesn’t eat it all by then.

A. did a couple of loaves of bread even having to create a super bowl for all the dough as it rose having brought her starter Marvin back to life it is nice to be eating her sourdough again. She also had a crack at persimmon jam. She was not happy with the outcome. Finding it a tad astringent to say the least. Me I look at it and think how that astringency will cut nicely against greasy doughy doughnuts in winter. Another project for another day.

So why push ourselves when we felt like death warmed up at times? Well not out of masochism or a desire to be seen as somehow great it is out of necessity more than anything else.

Remember we have two little ones and the three year old can be a handful. I would like to blame her mother for this but it is my personality coming out big time in the cute little thing. But she does love helping her daddy in the kitchen and this helps to keep her amused peeling chestnuts with me, better than putting her in front of the TV to while away a rainy day. Her brother just likes to looka t laugh at the both of us. There is also the fact that even sick time travels faster if you do stuff. The final reason is that we had items we had to process. I am conscious of what my friend had to say on permaculture

‘The problem with permaculture is it is the realm of the middle class and when things get tough they just buy their way out.’

So we could have left it, I could have bought bread, or persimmon jam or chestnut paste no problems but we have made a decision to try not to fall back and let stuff go to waste. Call it our little attempt to balance out the other wasteful choices in our life.

Well off to bed to see if I can sleep off the lurgi and hopefully stop feeling like the living dead.

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