The weekend contrast.

So I am sitting here eating some of the excellent unpasteurised romano goats cheese we get from our local cheese coop with my mother’s pear paste on it and contemplating our weekend just gone.

As often happens we had a busy weekend. And it was a weekend of contrast as they often are with moments of simple locavore eating to visiting a high end Japanese restaurant.

It started simply enough with homemade pancakes. I have never understood why people buy pancake shaker mixes. After all 1 cup of self raising flour, 1 cup of milk and an egg mixed together and left for 20 minutes can’t be to hard. The tricks are to leave it for 20 to 30 minutes to bubble then make sure you use a little butter to fry it in. Yes you can use a little oil if you want but for the best pancakes you need that buttery goodness.

Slather them in good Canadian maple syrup and some of our home made chestnut paste, scoop of ice-cream and good cup of coffee and you have a fairly expensive cafe breakfast for next to nothing and faster than you can drive and then park and line up for a table at the cafe.

We had a busy day on the Saturday,  the plants for the winter veggie bed are going in with us being away the next day we had to get as much as we could of the normal weekend done.

However in the evening I hit a little snag. A. is still gathering bottles for her bottle wall so off course my neighbour and I are ‘forcing’ ourselves through drinking anything that happens to have a nice bottle. At the moment it a battle between the cointreau and the Bombay sapphire gin. So after a few cointreau with ice at his place I made the rash promise ‘oh yeah come on over and have some home cured bacon for dinner’ be done in about 30 minutes…

Ok so half cut and dinner to make. Thought about simple bacon and eggs but then noticed the selection of stuff in the fridge from the ceres box and thought oven baked omelette I can do this. Just hand me another drink…

So I whipped up the omelette(recipe at the bottom of the post), some home cured bacon (another post)and a nice big green salad. A side of A.’s sourdough and not bad for dinner at all.

On the Sunday we headed up Daylesford which is a spa town in the high country about an hour and half from Melbourne. It is a pretty place and I know if well having gone to high school there when it was just another poor red neck town. This was long before it became the trendy day trip from Melbourne. The trip was eventful with lots of people selling their wares via honesty boxes along the side of the road. Unlike many of the honesty boxes I grew up around these where a little over priced and I am guessing aimed at the day tripping city folk. Hey can’t blame them for trying.

The restaurant was a Japanese fusion restaurant and as A. and I have spent a bit of time in Japan so we were interested in what their take on the food would be.

Even though the restaurant had rated very highly in its reviews we where both underwhelmed to be honest.  Food was ok, service poor it just didn’t work for the two of us. However it was full and people seemed to enjoying themselves so maybe it was just us. For the money I would say people should pay a little bit more and go to the excellent Kobe Jones in Melbourne much better value for money. Great for a special occasion.

The day was good though spent with A.’s family the kids played with their cousins, that adults and. A. drank a ton of the plum sake (that was good). I had a nice local pilsner ale. Life can’t be too bad.

Afterwards we headed to the Chocolate mill which was very cool and well worth a visit if you are in the area. I recommend the hot chocolate with chilli on a cold day. A. also got to look at some bottle walls they had added to the building allowing her to see the finished designs in a building and what she would like to do and not do.

On the way out we looked at the community garden. I can’t believe how much Daylesford has changed in the 25 years since I went to high school there. This is a great piece of work the community garden and they should be justly proud of this thing they have created. As I drove out via the route our old school bus travelled all those years ago and saw the turbines of the two windmills I was already preparing a post in my head on how this town has changed. The pros and the cons of these changes because there always are pros and cons. More on that later.

The final part of the weekend was visit to my parents place. Just a quick visit as we were quite close to my parents place they like to see the kids and all I have to hear is ‘PAAAAA…’ as my daughter ran to her grandfather and  gave him a big hug to know that this was the exactly the right thing to do. Family is the most important thing in the world

As I sat and ate a simple dumpling soup my mother had made I must admit that as uncool as it is I liked this simple meal a lot better than the Japanese.

Yep my life is hard … better hand me another bit of that cheese and pear paste to tide me over.

Have a great rest of the week all.

 Recipe for drunken baked omelette.

  • One large onion
  • 4-5 gloves of garlic crushed (as much as you want really)
  • 1 Red or green capsicum/sweet pepper
  • Some bacon fat and/or a bit of vegetable oil
  • Handful of mushrooms quartered
  • Handful of small tomatoes quartered
  • Handful of spinach leaves
  • Cup of milk
  • 10 eggs
  • ½ cup of crated parmesan cheese
  • Teaspoon of fresh ground chilli
  • Salt and pepper

In large enamelled or heavy base frypan that you can put in an oven or under a grill fry the bacon fat/oil onion, garlic, capsicum till just softening. Add mushrooms and tomatoes and when they are cooked throw on the spinach leaves till wilt and add the chilli. Stir through

While the other ingredients are cooking mix eggs and milk with salt and pepper to taste with a fork till a little frothy.

Once the spinach has wilted add the egg mix has cooked for about 4 minutes then sprinkle parmesan (or another cheese) on top and put in a preheated hot oven for around 15 minutes or until eggs are cooked through. Serve with a nice green salad, some fried bacon and bread.

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2 thoughts on “The weekend contrast.

  1. here’s a tip i recently stumbled upon: adding yogurt to my pancakes. A 2-cups-of SR-flour batch of pancakes with a cup and a half of yogurt and half a cup of milk, two eggs. The batter is thicker, obviously, but the acidic nature fo the yogurt bolsters the fluffyness of the pancakes, and i’ve been really happy wit hit. A great way to get rid of the last of the yougurt in a big open tub when it starts to “crack” …

  2. Will give that a try Josh sounds good, we also get the big 5kg buckets of yougurt so it is a bit of win win.

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