Is what we are doing good making us bad?

This is my 50th post and thought I had better do a bit of ‘not an urban hippy’ philosophy. Of late the blog has been more like a food blog and that is ok but today something a bit different.

So the weekend was an interesting one from a number of points of view but perhaps the thing that stood out in the weekend right up to Monday was the sense that a lot of people seem to be using their ‘I have done good’ to excuse them from basic manners and what I will call basic goodness. All these things I mention below are small things but they seem to me to add up to a certain feeling…

It started on Saturday with our usual run to the farmers market. We had a good morning chatted to our usual vendors and bought a bit more and bit less than usual. Then on the way out I spotted that someone has left an empty coffee cup behind our car. Not a biggie a minute for me to drop it in a bin but it seemed to me that one of the things that a lot of those folks who go to a market covet is a ‘green tinge’ and here they can’t do the most basic of environmental things and ensure that they put their rubbish in the bin.

As with all first Saturdays of the month we headed to a local swap meet next. We sit, we swap we have coffee the kids run around and Andrea chats. Or that is on a normal day. However this was a little different, I am on the news letter of a local transitional network and knew they would be out in numbers at this event having advertised this to us all. They had overwhelmed the place and the usual suspects had fled it seemed. I got a taste of ‘transitional networks view of community’ when I was waiting in line for a coffee you pay by donation. I had been waiting patiently for a while as there was just a couple of poor volunteers serving people and low and behold a couple of the transitional group wandered inserted themselves in the spare foot in front of me a and the counter and demanded a coffee and cake. When I raised an eye brow the people acknowledged me and then turned their back on me. No doubt safe in their knowledge that they were building a better society based on community and basic values like politeness… We fled like the other regular attendees.

Onto Monday and as I reflected on this I passed the salvos and the two other charity shops on the way to work it hit me again. People had dumped crap everywhere most of it would be unsaleable. The salvos and other charities spend millions each year getting rid of rubbish dumped at their stores rather than helping people. And perhaps with a slightly different perspective I now noticed this and thought I am sure these people console themselves that ‘we are donating this stuff’ when in reality they are getting rid of stuff they might have to pay to get properly dealt with. But with a very clean conscience no doubt.

These are just small things I noticed. I was perhaps a little bit more aware having read a few articles lately one of which was an article on how the purchase of fair trade and organic items seemed to predispose people to acts like littering and not showing basic politeness.

My own philosophy on this is simple. Being of old redneck stock I was taught basic manner by my parents and grandparents. I take my hat off when I go indoors, I open doors for people, I oddly still call the older people who where around when I grew up as Mr and Mrs, I say hello to people and speak to my neighbours (I even help them) and I teach my kids to say thank you when some does the same for them.  My opinion is If you wish to build a good community and society you need to stop with the view that you have done your good now you can just go back to your normal self. Be good because it is good. Be polite becuase if you can’t be how the hell can you hope ot build a comunity based on mutual respect. At the end of the day if all you get is a better world what have you lost?

But enough of the rant there is kilo and half of pork to be salted for making bacon. Bacon hmm yes more like a food blog…


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