The cheats blog for the day.

It is the weekend and I am at home with the kids today. A. is off to her community of sewers which will mean that I need to keep a sick 1 year old and a smart hyperactive 3 year old who uses her powers for evil at times entertained for the day.

And as it is not really conducive to creative writing I am going to cheat today and put up a few blogs that I read on a regular basis.

This is not all the blogs I follow a selection of a few. As you can see it is an odd mix of things and the only two things that bind them together is they are all different, and that they tell a human tale of life. Each has a different perspective. You don’t have to agree with everything on the blogs and I certainly don’t but that does not make their perspective or the fact it makes me think about my own perspective any less valuable to me.

Soon we will travel to another state to spend some time with an artist friend of ours and his friends as they run an art festival in the desert. To many of my work colleagues this seems odd. They mix in similar circles to themselves, families with kids.  There is nothing wrong with that but A. and I made the decision when the kids where born we would ensure thy mixed with all sorts of people. Life is diversity and as a permaculture principle you integrate not separate.

Hopefully at least one of these might perk your interest as well.


The Hungry Giant. This is one of the first blogs I subscribed to. It is a great little food blog and a very natural view of food from a culture that is both close and yet nicely different from my own. I already plan to make some of his tocino when I make bacon next (minus the msg)

The great Milkwood farm lots of good stuff here.

The urban forager is great and makes we want to go back and live the UK again and makes me think about what I can use in my own area. I would say this is one of my favourite blogs.

My good friend Libby’s blog. Her amazing food and a strong ethic to life is covered in it.

A bit commercial but a good read. I like the tales he tells as I grew up in the area he talks about and my views as redneck kid of the same things he does seem a little less romantic. But to his credit he lives his life to his dream.

Earthen Acres is wonderful little blog I don’t agree with everything from the author but that is life. What I love is the simple philosophy of being in control of your life and not going beyond your means. So much of our lives are made a misery by chasing things we really don’t want or need and this blog looks at this issue in a great way.

Ranting of an amateur chef. I don’t always go for his food but get some great ideas and love how he pulls together so many meals on so many days. I worry my email is not working I don’t get my daily update.

My good friend Josh at apocalypse.

 400 days till 40 is my morning coffee at work read.

A good mix of eclectic stuff here on food and life.

I particularly like the stories of Europe

Tales from the land next door that I need to spend some time in.


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