Where do you get your inspiration?

So tonight’s meal was baked ham studded with cloves and a honey mustard glaze, broccoli fritters and a Croatian cabbage salad.

Not a bad knocked up meal.

The ham is inspired by a meal a Canadian friend made when he crashed at my place for a few weeks in his travels, the salad is from A.’s heritage and the fritters are from a new facebook page my friend Libby from libby cooks directed me to.

I get my inspiration from my upbringing as I have said in other posts my parents had little (well by first world standards) but what we had we used wisely. I have developed over time the skill to use what was at hand to make do.  Be it cooking, the travels I have done, and life in general. I would say frugal rather than cheap but I will accept either tag as at the end of the day they are just tags.

And like most I find inspiration online as well.

I posted a list of blogs today that I follow the one comment on reflection of these is that all of them have a thread of people living their dreams and lives and within their means. The world is certainly not in great shape at the moment and if we are all going to get by I would say that more people getting by on what they have is going to have to happen. Making do is going to have to stop being the norm of the 3rd world and become the realm of the first world. I hope these are skills I can pass onto my kids.

But enough preaching meal was as below.

Baked Ham

Take a piece of ham put whole cloves into the skin of the ham every centimetre or so. Mix honey and mustard together to taste then pour over the ham as a glaze. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for one hour. Slice and serve

Broccoli and Parmesan Fritters


Cabbage Salad

Finely sliced cabbage, salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar to taste.


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