Kids and Milk

So I still have to put up the bottling and pasteurization process of the first batch of the elderflower champagne. Work and life have been a bit busy so I am a bit behind on the posts. Sorry about that but I did warn you previously that I would live the life first and blog it second 🙂

So I thought I would at least drop a line having just missed my train on how things are going.

I am already into my second batch and the ale yeast is going great guns. Should be ready to bottle on Friday if not before. The morning and evening ritual of storing and smelling it, like my ritual of checking my seeds each evening helps to keep it all in perspective.



I also had to post this sign from my daughters crèche. Growing up with a milking cow at the house this is no biggie to me but for her this is great adventure. And I would have to say a positive thing for the kids to see. The dislocation of people from where their food comes from is a cause for many of the ills we see in our world so getting kids involved at such a young age is a great thing.


Have a great day all and smell the roses (or brew) when you can


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