Fresh Batch made with a different yeast

Well another late night bottling up a batch of elderflower brew. This one made with ale yeast.

Not bad on first taste perhaps a bit dry and I am not sure if I left it a day or two to long brewing or if it is the yeast type. Might make up another smaller batch and keep the brewing down to about 4 days.

Having said that still very drinkable 🙂 and off course had to clean up a glass… wouldn’t want a part bottle now would we 🙂

This will be my last full batch for a while I have 30 liters of the stuff. Will freeze and dry some elderflowers instead and leave the rest of the flowers to become elderberries for elderberry port and tincture. After the bugs of this year going to stock up on anything to help the old immune systems over next winter.

Have a great week all and remember wishing for the weekend is wishing away a week of your life go out and live the week. 🙂


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