Happy International Permaculture Day (IPD)

I suppose I should post that I did something amazing on this day? Got my garden ready, visited some shining example of how someone has gone there already. Built something made something?

quice less close-2000

But no it was just another day for the urban hippie family. Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday party and we had good gaggle of local kids and their parents along. They ate, drank had a good time. Kids painted and ran around the back yard eyed of ducks and chickens and the bee hives. Parents and a few relatives commented on what I was doing and suggested they would like to try some of the ideas. So from that point of view some good came out of it. But basically the best thing was local people enjoying time with local people.

So today started a little quiet with A. needing a bit of a sleep in and my plans to do something for IPD didn’t quite work out but that is ok.

I got to watch the kids doing some painting , then go to their swimming class and then the rest of the day spent visiting family up country. All in all very enjoyable day. I came back with another couple of boxes of quinces from family and really need to get bottling this week. But that is about as far as a concrete outcome I could come up with.

quince close-2000

It got me thinking about the IPD. A lot of people are blogging or commenting on the things they are doing. But shouldn’t IPD be every day? Permaculture being Permanent Culture then IPD should be like any other day. Getting up and doing the little things, feeding the chickens and ducks playing with the kids, time spent with community and family discussing ideas (as I did with one of my cousins) watching and observing making small changes. Interacting with family and the local community? Spending time with my kids in the garden (after all my kids are a primary driver of why I do this stuff)

So all in all I am happy with my IPD and could not think of a better way to spend it. Don’t get me wrong the ideas people have the events they have run are great and it is obvious that such a day is more for those outside the fold rather than in and very important at this junction in time.

So for me the day is like any birthday I have had in the last 20 years or New Year’s. It is a good chance to look at what has been done and needs to be done a time to get some inspiration and some perspective.

At the end of the day (pun intended) Permaculture will know when it has succeeded in getting permaculture to the masses. When we don’t need to celebrate an IPD as it would be like celebrating a Monday.


2 thoughts on “Happy International Permaculture Day (IPD)

  1. We didn’t celebrate either, but that’s because we went to David Holmgren’s for the house & garden tour. Coincidence it was IPD because it was also the last tour of the year AND the only opportunity to go with my husband and leave the kids with a friend. I had an ace day spending time solely with the love of my life for the first time in about 5 years and being able to have grown up conversations. We discovered that he has way more of an interest in permaculture and sustainable living than I’d been crediting him with, so I feel like we had a bit of an intellectual reconnection so to speak. My kids had the “best day ever!!!” and apparently didn’t miss me at all. Hmmm….

    So glad you and your family had a lovely day together and you’re totally right, celebrating IPD would be like celebrating a Monday – or in this case a Sunday!!

    • Hi Kerry,

      A. and I want to head of to David’s house in the spring. My parents live near Daylesford (I actualt went to high school there) and we thought we wuold leave the kids with their grandparents for the afternoon and head up there.

      It is a balancing act with partners and our passions. A.is pretty supportive but I am careful of keeping an eye out for when my obsession is pushing the boundaries. I have to get some work done on the pile of stuff out front as the driveway has been full all summer and now it is getting cold she is looking longingly at the car port 🙂

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