There is always more to do in the hippy household and less time.


Just to add to my time (and with number 3 a week away) I have enrolled in a diploma of ‘Organic Farming’ to fill my time.

In the end all you can do is what you can do. I want to be able to have some flexibility with my kids and know in their teens I am going to need to be around a lot more. I can also see a time with the way things are going that having a business is going to be important to ensure some of my children at least have a place to work.

Despite the lack of posts we are still working towards self-sufficiency more now than before and it is well worth while reminding myself of the increments get done each day.

This weekend has been busy.

I picked up a second hand bath and built a new garden bed. I am very much into the ‘obtain a yield’ principle at the moment.


While we are not perfect from an environmental point of view it has been a long time since we bought salad greens, eggs or many veggies.

We still get some veg from farmers markets and my parents but each plant, each garden bed, each bath used as wicking bed brings us a little closer to being independent. One more dollar or set of dollars, one more increment to move towards other goals.

It is the same with cooking from scratch or drying my own nettle tea rather than buying it each little amount adds up and allows you to do the next step. For us the cash saved from foraging wood for the fire, and heating with it will hopefully allow us to put PV solar on by the end of the year.

IMG_2885-2000 IMG_2884-2000 IMG_2857-2000 IMG_2816-2000 IMG_2830-2000

Each day you pick up new skills. Who would have thought 12 months ago that I would be able to quickly whip up a bee feeder to make sure our third hive will be ok over winter. (again we have not paid for honey in the last 12 months and have traded it for a number of other things over time) each day pickup new skills and work on you and ours resilience.

IMG_2895-2000 IMG_2893-2000

But mostly enjoy 🙂

Oh and I must admit to being a bit chuffed so far my perennial basil has been producing both leaves and flowers with no heating or costs. Just a nice spot sheltered spot. No greenhouse gases and full flavour, kids loved it for dinner in the spag bol

IMG_2897-2000 IMG_2898-2000


2 thoughts on “Increments

  1. Perennial basil? I am most intrigued. 🙂

    Living this lifestyle sure is fun and that’s probably one of the best things going for it. If it wasn’t fun it would be much harder to stick to it I feel. 🙂

    We have had to swap for eggs when ours were off the lay but so far we’ve reached self sufficiency for garlic and possibly pumpkin too. 🙂 Next season I am aiming for self sufficiency for potatoes and onions on top of garlic and pumpkins. 🙂

    I envy you your honey but I’m holding off bees for now (they make me nervous). Love your arched doorway too. Beautiful.

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