Your on the wrong Phase.


‘Yes’ said the young man at the other end of the phone. ‘The reason you can see your neighbours lights on while your house is in darkness is that 1 in 3 people are affected with sort of outage’.

‘Ok well we have a 7 day old here any eta on when the power will be back on?’ was my reply.

‘Oh sometime in the next 4 hours. Have a nice evening’

This was the conversation I had with the supplier of power services in our area last night. This was after ringing the retailer who we get our power through and being told they could help but could give is the name and number of the supplier of lines and services in our area.

So there we were with a 170 odd other households in our area in darkness no lights, no power for heating or entertainment.

For us it was not such a big deal our house is now well insulated we have the wood stove, torches and candles. Even our dinner was nice and warm having just been warmed in the oven prior to the power going out.


We had a great evening eating by candlelight and watching the fire on the couch. We even heated up the water for the kids hot water bottles on the stove !

And just after the kids went to bed up came the power. Outage of less than two hours.

Got me to thinking though! What about some of the other people without preparation and without a wood stove to heat. It is winter after all and a tad cold …

When we got the nectre woodstove the primary reason was cost and environmental reasons. There was also the small but compelling argument that having this piece of infrastructure is handy for when things like outages happen. I have had several friends in the USA loose power for a week at time in the middle of winter. And that was only 20 miles from a city of 100,000 people.

With the finding against the pole and service companies in Victoria over the last few years and the arguments over the power grid there will be more down time not less in the future and getting ready for a short to longer outages is probably worth at least being ready for.

But on the upside we had a chance to chat to our kids and discuss the unique experience in their young lives of no television. The oldest looked horrified as we discussed that a lot of people do not have access to power let alone television 🙂


And some sober reading to finish up 😦 . I read this, this morning.








One thought on “Your on the wrong Phase.

  1. We have been in a similar situation with power out and loving our candles, kero lantern (not the best but it’s been handy I must say) and the wood stove. When the power went out during that week of 40+ degrees things were a lot more challenging but in winter when we lost power a month or so back, the house was warm, the kids fed with no change in our routine (we cook on or in our gourmet cooker exclusively in winter) and aside from the tablet running its battery flat, all was well. They put the tablet down and played lego instead. 🙂

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