Not in my backyard …

This is the second thing today that makes me wonder about how selfish as a society we have become

The second was the ABC morning team that on an interview Doug Purdie was making comments about ‘well I would not like them in my neighbour’s yard..’ then ridiculing the responses to them not understanding where we are at with the state bees and the world and there feral bees in their backyard.

People buy in places where there are already farmers then complain about the smell or the flies or the trucks or the mooing of the cows (I kid you not). And take action to ban these.

Take some ownership of your own life !

I would simply ask every person who has an issue with their neighbours yard being not what they want or the sound of a rooster waking them up in the morning to remember that this a very isolated epoch in time and a few years you might be grateful for the a neighbour who can supply chicks to you or for local honey not to mention your vegies getting pollinated.

Take a long term view on these things.


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