The Old Splitter

I was up at dad’s place and split a few logs for him with the old splitter.


This old girl has been with us for 50 years. When dad broke the handle he took it down to my uncle who welded a pipe into it for him.

We talked that if we had a few cents for every log it had split we would be a lot richer than we are now. If I had a dollar every time that handle jarred my hands on a cold morning getting the wood for the day 😉 And in a way we are. My family heated house hot water and cooked on wood almost entirely in my youth so each split was in its own way a version of currency. A self sufficient currency many of us might end up going back to.

IMG_3705 A good Canadian splitter is a must if you have a small holding or just warm your house with wood.

It fills the roll of a sledge for most farm jobs like putting in posts and is one of the most used tools even at my place in the city.



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